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Equestrifun is a large equestrian minecraft server, teaching people of any age and gender anywhere in the world everything to do with equines. We give everyone the chance to be whatever or whoever they want to be, regardless of experience. Want to be a farrier? Sure! A professional rider? Absolutely! A racehorse stud owner? Definitely!

We strive to teach everyone essential life skills - communicating with people across the globe, determination to succeed and the most important skill of all, hard work. In this game, hard work truly does pay off!

Equestrifun gives all players the ability to talk about a big interest together - Equestrianism.We all share the same passion for horses.

So why is equestrianism so important?

Horses provide us with physical, mental and emotional support.

We have had many players take an interest in horse riding through playing on our server, and they have gone on to attend lessons and even purchase their own horse! Riding is great exercise - it develops balance and improves coordination and motor function.

How to join us!

You must have a minecraft account. You can buy one at https://minecraft.net/

Once you have purchased your minecraft account, and downloaded the launcher, open up the game!

We are on version 1.13.2 as of now!


You should see this.

Next, click on 'Multiplayer'

You will see this screen!

Next, click 'Add Server'.

You will see a screen like this - type in the exact text you see in the image above and click done

Happy Playing!

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