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First of all, you're probably asking yourself, why breeding rules? Like in real life, registries have rules to preserve good breeding lines and produce the best possible horses.


Unregistered horses are strictly prohibited from breeding.

Only Advanced+ can breed.

A staff member must be present.

Registered horses with under 50 points can only breed once.

Mares must wait SEVEN REAL-LIFE DAYS to breed again.

Stallions must wait 24 HOURS to breed again.

The following lifetime titles add the following number of breeding slots;

Local Champion +5

Regional Champion +5

Local State Champion +10

Multi-State Champion +5

National Champion +5

International Champion +10

World Champion +10


Violation of these rules can result in the foal being taken, and a temporary or permanent ban put in place.


Finally, double click on 'Equestrifun' and you will join the game!



Happy playing!

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