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Points and Awards

Lifetime Titles

Local Champion - 50

Regional Champion - 75

Local State Champion - 100

Multi-State Champion - 125

National Champion – 150

International Champion - 200

World Champion - 250


So, what's the deal about points? What do they mean?

Just like in real life, points can make a huge difference to every part of the server.

Points increase the horse's selling and breeding value, allow him or her to qualify for title-only competitions and allow for more breeding slots. Horses with titles can also give their offspring a boost in certain disciplines, too!


So how are points awarded?

1st gets 10 points

2nd gets 8 points

3rd gets 6 points

4th gets 4 points

5th gets 2 points

6th gets 1 point



For more on breeding, please check out the 'Breeding' page!


Finally, double click on 'Equestrifun' and you will join the game!



Happy playing!

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