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Registration Form

Please read through this piece of text before filling in the form on the right.


A horse's show name cannot be changed once set, and must keep the prefix or suffix of the stud the horse was born at, e.g. a foal from CO Sporthorses would always begin with CO Sport's, regardless of whomever bought the foal.

If you are unsure on what registry your horse fits into, please click here. If your horse's breed is not listed, select 'unknown' and a member of staff will allocate your horse for you, if eligible.

A horse's gender can only be changed if your horse is a stallion, and is gelded. Gelding cannot be reversed, but by gelding a horse they may be eligible for a competition boost.

The jump and speed must be to two decimal places, e.g. 4.54, not 4.5 or 4.


If you need to change a horse's gender or owner, please send an email titled 'Registration Change' to






Finally, double click on 'Equestrifun' and you will join the game!



Happy playing!

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