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Horses MUST be registered with the host breed group/discipline!


Sign up forms must include horse’s full show name, registry ID number, class entering, sire ID number, dam ID number.


All horses start with 1.0 chance points.


If sire is not registered, horse loses ½ of it’s total ‘chance points’

If dam is not registered, horse loses ¼ of it’s total ‘chance points’


Add 0.5 chance points for every title the sire and dam has for the host breed group/discipline, for example the Show Jumping Association is hosting an in-hand show, and your horse’s sire is a National Champion (has over 150 points), so that would add 2.5 chance points to your horse’s total.

Now the horse has 3.5 chance points.


However, the dam is not registered, so the 3.5 must have ¼ removed – 3.5 x 0.75 = 2.625 rounded down to the nearest 0.25 so = 2.5 chance points

For every 0.25 chance points, your horse’s name gets put in a list randomiser here;


Say the horse is called Neigh – his ID will be entered in 10 times like this;










Here are our results. How would they be placed? The rule is ignore the duplicates.

1st would be #E3455

2nd would be #L4325

3rd would be #N0001

4th would be #F0224

5th would be #Z2030

And finally 6th would be #H0032


So how are points awarded?

1st gets 10 points

2nd gets 8 points

3rd gets 6 points

4th gets 4 points

5th gets 2 points

6th gets 1 point


What about classes? Horses can be split by breed, type, discipline or gender!

For example;

CO Sport’s Live – Warmblood Association



3.Show Jumpers





All show results MUST be sent to a point staff via discord, or the points will be invalid.

Show name:

Show date:


Class results:



To view the registries, follow this link;



Finally, double click on 'Equestrifun' and you will join the game!



Happy playing!

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