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Hello, my name's Charlotte, but most of you know me as Charl. I founded Equestrifun back in early 2012, before horses were a main mob in Minecraft. We started off as a small 6 slot server with a bedrock spawn box and one stableyard I built by hand on single player. Now, we're a 200 slot multiverse server. Yep, we've came a long way. We started the trend of equestrian minecraft servers and still remain in the top spot.


My birthday is May 13th, and I own two horses in real life, Bennie and Othello. They are my life! My 'real' job is as a game artist - Equestrifun helped me get this job :) My hair changes colours every 8 to 10 weeks, usually some sort of rainbow.

Hi guys! My name is Rosie and I'm an Admin. I manage course design, petshop and the discipline eventing. I'm from New Zealand (and am the only staff member from there as of current) and I have two cats, a bird, and my two horses, Callie and Prince. In the future I'm hoping to go into some form of med, either as a vet or doctor, or just something science-y. IRL, I mainly ride eventing and some separate show jumping, and i've been riding for about 9 years now. I also do netball, volleyball, and cycling on the side, and dance when I can. I joined Equestrifun in early 2015 and became staff later that year, so I'm pretty experienced, and am always open for questions!

Hey! I'm Daneille, Admin on Equestrifun. I've been playing on this server since December 2014. I love working as staff, helping all of the players. Outside of Equestrifun, I'm just an average 14 year old girl. I live in Southern California, close to the beach. It's a dream! My hobbies include surfing, swimming, and riding. I've been doing these all of my life, and I'm always up for trying new things! If I could describe myself in 3 words, I would say determined, responsible, and energetic. I always work hard for everything, and I love being crazy and making others laugh.

Hi there! My name is Cinna, but in real life my name is Haleigh and I am an Admin! I’ve worked my way through the ranks, and some of my friends on the server remember me as helper, then trial mod, then mod! I currently live in Denver, Colorado and as of 2017, I am a freshman in highschool! My best friend is an old admin on the server named Anna. My join date was November 21st, 2015 so I have been on the server for 2 years! I joined by simply being bored and needing a new game to play, Little did I know, I would be sucked into the most amazing 2 years of my life! Every year I try to go to Breyerfest, and I’ve even been able to hang out with Charl there! In real life I Currently ride a chestnut Thoroughbred X Gelding named Hogan, and a beautiful palomino Mustang who came from the wild of Nevada! I own a dog named Lee and a cat named Cinnabun. I look forward to meeting everyone in game!

Hey, you may know me as Ruby in the game but my real name is Lisa! I do Hunter Jumper in real life and currently do pony divisions on a grey Welsh pony Warmblood cross that I own. I love my horse so much and spend lots of time riding and jumping! I hope to get to know you in game so you can join the equestrifun family!

I'm Jasmine although known as Jazzeh on Equestrifun! I joined on the 21st September 2016 after following the server Instagram for a while and really wanting to join! I am 14 years old and English! I ride in real life and own a horse called Saffron! I ride English and do mostly showjumping and soon to be doing full time eventing on Saffron! On the server I ride all disciplines but most people know me for my showjumping and soon to be eventing on there too! I have been staff since 6th of May 2017 and have loved every bit of it! I am pretty crazy but love making new friends all the time!

Hey! My name is Abs, aka Abby! I am a tall person who has ridden barely in her life, but has found an interest in the mammals we call horses! I have 3 dogs, fish and a lizard! I am a huge animal lover, and hope to become a large animals vet in the future! I live in America, where its NEVER cold! I joined Equestrifun in May of 2017!

Hey! I'm Emily, but mostly everyone knows me as Puds! I'm from Australia where its hot forever and i am an Moderater. I'm currently 13 years old. I'm currently riding English In real life. I'm pretty weird if you ask me. I own 1 dog and 2 birds! I do Horse riding and Dance for hobbies. I joined in the start of 2017 and lets just say 2017 was 100% better with all the lovely players! You can catch me online In AEST afternoons on week days or mainly all day on weekends! My birthday is the 9th of Feburary! I also love making others feel amazing!

I'm moderator Naomi from England! I occasionally ride in real life but I'm mainly on Equestrifun! I joined in 2016 summer and have been playing since then! I'm not really known for a specific discipline as i float around trying out new things!

Hello, my name is Lucy, and i live in England with my parents and older brother. Horse riding, like many other people on this server, is my all time favourite thing to do, whether im riding them or mucking out a stable, i will still adore this sport no matter what. I have been working as a Moderator on Equestrifun for over 2 years now, and i absolutely love it. The fact i get to work with such a friendly team of people amazes me, and puts a smile on my face every single day. Not only is everybody on the server a huge part of my life online, but also my real life, and i often forget how lucky i am to have such lovely people around me 24/7! I couldnt ask for a better job to have, watching and being apart of how far Equestrifun has grown is just insane and i am so excited to see what else is to come for the future.

Hi! My name is Ally and I am a mod on eqfun. I ride western irl and do barrels, poles, trail, and pleasure. Prior to that I did 5 years of dressage. I am 14 years old and have been playing equestrifun since late 1.0. I found eqfun through their original website.

Hey! I'm Libs and I've been staff since June/July 2016, first as Helper then became a Moderator September/October of the same year.

I'm from England and I'm 13, and I have been riding since January 2015, although I'd been interested in riding for many years previously.

I've been playing Equestrifun since 1st September 2015! I've really enjoyed my time on the server and every time I log on I love the welcoming feel to the server, and it's even better as a beginner! Everyone online welcomes each other making everyone feel included.








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