Cross Country:

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Cross country, introduced to Equestrifun as its own separate discipline after the release of eventing, is a timed trial involving 20-36 fences. Optimum time is determined by a horse with a speed of 11.5bps, which is the most ideal speed for a cross country horse. The rider will receive 0.4 faults for every second (seconds rounded to the nearest whole number) over the optimum time. If the rider exceeds the allowed time, (double the optimum time), they will be eliminated. The rider wants the lowest number of penalties possible. Fence judges must be placed so that all jumps on the course are visible by someone to ensure the correct number of faults (or judges must have fly to follow the rider). Each fence judge must keep track of which fences they see horses gain faults at and record them on the scoresheet. A timer near the start box will also need to be present. The time will begin when the horse’s front feet leave the box. The host and/or timer should count the horse and rider down from 10, and the horse and rider should leave the start box on ‘go’.

Reasons for faults and elimination:

Fall of rider Elimination

Off-course Elimination

First refusal or horse runs past jump (run-off) 20 faults added

Second refusal or run-off at SAME fence Additional 40 faults added

Doubling optimum time Elimination

4th overall refusal or crossing tracks Elimination

Improper Equipment Elimination

ALL HORSES MUST BE REGISTERED TO PARTICIPATE AT ANY AND ALL SHOWS AT ANY LEVEL, SCHOOLING OR COMPETING. Horses must be between the ages of 4-20 to  participate in any events. Horses must be registered with the EEA to participate in any events. This is how levels are kept track of. The different levels are as follows, these levels can be held as schooling or starred, when held as starred it must be indicated by adding ‘*’.

Beginner Novice 2b height, 1b width Must wear green vest for xc

Novice 2.5b height, 1b width Must wear yellow vest for xc

Training 3.5b height, 2b width Must wear orange vest for xc

Preliminary 4.5b height, 3b width Must wear red vest for xc

Intermediate 5.5b height, 4b width Must wear purple vest for xc

Advanced 6.5b height, 5b width Must wear black vest for xc

Managers must check whether or not horses have the right amount of points for the level on this spreadsheet, and making sure horses are not competing at higher levels than they should be. Show signups require a breed registry ID to make searching for horses in the EEA faster. Horses can be registered with the EEA here. Additionally, before the show,  the manager must make a copy of this scoresheet and make sure all judges can access it and edit it, and all players can view it. 

Dress code: For schooling, riders may wear any light color of breeches, any dark color of boots, a helmet of any color and the vest according to their level. For starred, refer to ‘Rider and Horse Wear’. Everyone starts out with a green vest.

Managed by: Megs & Epona

: Scato