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Draft Halter:

Managed by: Scato & Rain

: Scato

As of June 2020, Draft Halter is a brand new discipline here on Equestrifun! It was brought to life by Scato & Rain to try and make beautiful Draft horses more popular on the server!

This discipline focuses on the rider and their ability to display their horse in a fancy way. The show will consist of players pairing up, one is the horse and the other is the handler. The rider is invisible and must portray the horse and its personality desired.

The host judges out of 100, whoever gets the highest score comes first. Things judges will look for is smooth, clear gaits, realism of the horse and use of the arena.

The gaits are: walk (tap w every two seconds) collected trot (spam w) trot (hold w and tap s) canter (hold w) and the occasional extended canter (w and ctrl). The easier classes for inexperienced handlers are the walk, trot and collected trot. 

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