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For more information:

Hunter Jumpers is basically the judgement of both the horse and the riders confirmation (how clean you and your horse ride) the overall manners when you ride, and how easy you can make it look to control your horse.

~Hunter Shows~

When you do a hunter show, each division is separated into classes. Classes can either be an over fences (OF) or a flat class. Over fences is where you learn a 8 jump course, then ride the course with a beginning and ending circle at the start and end of your round. A flat class is where you are in a flat ring with all the other riders riding on the rail and the judge calls out different gaits including walk, trot, canter, reverse, and not as often halt. You preform these gaits right when they are asked.

~How to Ride in Hunters~

When you ride, there are certain requirements you must preform in order to do well in a class. Most importantly you need a headset, which is where your head is looking halfway down the horses neck to create an frame for your horse. You must keep the headset whenever you ride in hunters. Over fences you must have a two point, to two point you lower your head all the way down so it's looking at the ground as you rise over the jump. Two points take a lot of practice, if you work with an instructor you can get it down pretty quickly. You are also judged on how round and smooth your corners are, the consistency of your gaits (not too slow or not too fast) and overall how easy you can make it look to ride your horse, you shouldn't look like your struggling to control them.

Speeds: Hunters is not a rushed discipline, so you should be riding slowly and smoothly. Therefore your horses speed should be between 6bps-10bps.

~Judging Hunter Classes~

When judging hunters, you are seeing which rider can ride the cleanest. There are many things to compare when it comes to the riders. In the flat class you compare how round and smooth their corners are, how fast they can move from one gait to the other when announced, how even their gaits are, and how they do when getting close to another horse. When getting close to another horse in the flat ring the rider should either cut the ring and go to the other side, or do a circle to make space. When judging an over fences round you should always put refusals before clear rounds. Even if the rider has the best round with one refusal, they would still beat another round without one. You also take straightness to over and after jumps, not cutting corners and headset and two point into consideration. To become a hunter instructor/judge any advanced+ player can go to /warp huntertest to take a written test and then a little show where Ruby will watch you judge a small flat and OF class.

~Extra Rules~

-For point shows you are required to have a show outfit.

-3 refusals or going off course is a disqualification

-A horse is not allowed to wear any sort of blanket or cooler while showing

-You may only compete in the jumping height your rank is allowed.