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In-hand is a discipline where the shows are hosted on DISCORD! Players do not need to be online to enter. Sign up forms will include a horses full showname, registry ID number, class entering, sire ID number, dam ID number.

~In-Hand Shows~

All horses start with 1.0 chance points.

If sire is not registered or is unknown, horse loses ½ of its total ‘chance points’

If dam is not registered or is unknown, horse loses ¼ of its total ‘chance points’

0.5 chance points are added for every title the sire and dam has for the host breed group/discipline, for example the Show Jumping Association is hosting an in-hand show, and your horse’s sire is a National Champion (has over 150 points), so that would add 2.5 chance points to your horse’s total.

The entered horse now has 3.5 chance points.

However, if the dam is not registered, so the 3.5 must have ¼ removed: 3.5 x0.75 =2.625 (resounded down to 0.25) so = 2.5. For every 0.25 change points, the horses name gets put into a random generator.