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~Pony Club~

Pony Club on Equestrifun consists of four breeds of Ponies!  Connemara's, Welsh, New Forest, and Chinco ponies are all apart of Pony Club! Each year the Leaders of the Pony Club breeds will host a variety of events ranging from Showjumping to Hunter that the ponies of Pony Club may participate in!

To Participate in the Champion Ships you are able to try out for one of the teams with your Pony! Each champion ship hosted the breeds of Pony Club compete against each other for first place all together to be declared the newest Pony Breed Champion!

~*Depending on your horses points will help choose what type of shows you may participate in for the Champion Ship for example with our classes: Club, Zone, State, National, and International.

Club -->  You can compete in Club competitions if your Pony has 50 or more points

Zone --> You may compete in Zone competitions if your pony has 75 or more points

State --> You may compete in State competitions if your pony has 125 or more points National --> You may compete in national competitions if your pony has 150 or more points International --> You may compete in International competitions if your pony has not retired yet, and has at least 200 points.