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~Racing on Equestrifun~

Thoroughbreds are quality horses that have been bred and perfected as athletic and lasting horses. Racing on Equestrifun can be divided up into two main components; Flat racing and Steeplechase racing. Flat races take place on a classic sand or dirt track. Steeplechases happen along terrain and obstacles such as water, climbing, and 3B jumps are incorporated. In racing, endurance and speed is key. Your horse must be well behaved and prepared, as anything could happen on the tracks! Horses could get stuck in blocks or rear, causing you to fall behind.


Jockeying a horse is to ride someone else’s racehorse for them in a race. Unlike being a paid points rider, being a jockey is a spontaneous thing. Anyone can race on their own horse starting from any rank, but in order to ride somebody else’s you must be Intermediate+. You must get 100% of the exam questions correct to pass! You will receive a mail notification in game from either Sabrina or Olivia about your results.

Hosting a race demands quick attention to detail! In a flat race, you must assure that each horse and rider is in a gate. Before you begin the race, you must say how many laps there will be and the rider and horse in each gate. During the race, you must keep track of laps and assure that there is no cheating and keep track of the placings after the final round. You may host at Advanced+.


When you host, you begin by taking down signups. You should be setting a BPS range (e.g. 14.00-15.99bps) or you may choose to host an all BPS race. Before starting the race, always check that jockeys are certified and that the racehorses are Thoroughbreds and are registered racehorses. Assign the riders to gates if you’d like; most hosts put the slowest BPS in gate 1 so that they get the rail advantage, though it is up to personal preference.

Horses and riders can be disqualified due to the following…

  • Not racing a Thoroughbred.
  • Uncertified jockeys or unregistered race horses.
  • Drugged or injured horse.
  • Using crops, hands, or other items to speed up, slow down, or interfere with their own horse or other riders.
  • Going off course or jumping up on the track rail.

~Registered Racehorses~

Race horses are not on limited time, but they also may not cross disciplines. When you register your horse as a Registered Racehorse, a permanent "RH" tag will be added next to your horse's registry. Only Registered Racehorses may race and hosts should be checking for this before starting a race. Only thoroughbreds may qualify for registration. You do not need to fill out a separate form for this. As soon as your horse races with points sent to staff, you will be entered into ‘RH.’

~Race Information~

Horses must be properly checked and taken care of before and after races. Before races, there cannot be any issues with the horse, its stats, or its health. You can have a player that isn’t participating in the race to help you both pull the lever and be your starter assistant. They will help check the horses and get them into their assigned gates. Once the gates open, it’s every rider for themselves. Even if you lag, you may not get a redo/restart. After the race, horses should be taken care of and cooled down! Since racehorses need to keep their endurance up, they may only race once every day.

It is very important to announce the rider, gate, and horse before the race begins! This enables spectators to keep track of horses if they bid. This is also important so that during a selling race, where the winning horse, gets sold off so that spectators can keep track of their performance and favorites.

Hosts should always be checking that horses do not have points (if it is their first race) or are RH registered first. If something slips through, such as a jockey not being certified, the host should be alerted and their placing should be changed to disqualified.

For realism purposes, redos are not allowed if you lag when gates open. Redos are only allowed if the host misses the finish line placings due to crashes or server bugs, as in showjumping for example. 

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