Managed by: Julie

: Moose

Steeplechase is a speed-focused event with many obstacles, (for example: fences, hedges, water, walls) that horse and rider must successfully jump over all while following the path closely!
Riders must run within a certain time and accumulate the fastest time in order to win. If a rider misses any jumps, they will be disqualified. Time will be added onto the round for using a crop & refusing jumps.
Steeplechase arenas are often placed on terrain to make it more challenging.  You may run in groups or solo!

The preferred stats for Steeplechase are 2b+ 11bps+, the faster the better!
Safety Vests MUST be worn during shows and they can be bought online from /warp Tailory.

Stock, Warmblood and Thoroughbred breeds may compete.