How to Rank!

There are 14 player ranks on Equestrifun that players will progress through. Ranking is based on a multitude of things, including: activity online, activity in the community, behavior, helpfulness, presence in chat and discord, and hours. However, on Equestrifun we strive to have active members that are kind and helpful, therefore we stress that hours are only a guide, they do not guarantee you will be ranked! Further clarification on how to rank will be below. Remember, have fun! You'll only be a rank once.


Online: This is self-explanatory! If you are not active, you will not be ranked. Players that are active are often very familiar with rules, how things are run, etc. This is important!

Community: On Equestrifun, we want to have members that are active in the community! This means players that are giving lessons, helping other players, and overall being engaged with the server.

Behavior: Again, easy to follow. Simply put, if players are not helpful, kind, and always start drama, you will not be ranked as easily. We want Equestrifun to be a welcoming place!

Helpfulness: As above, we want players to be helpful, not just staff members! Helping to an extreme isn't good as it's considered mini-modding, but being helpful with basic things like how to obtain a region, etc, is great!

Chat/Discord Presence: This falls into the community, however, we strongly encourage players to be active in chat: talking to players, being nice, etc. On discord, we also think it's good to involve yourself with the community on there!

Ranking from Rookie to Advanced:

  • To rank from Rookie to Novice: 10 hours of playtime
  • To rank from Novice to Apprentice: 20 hours of playtime
  • To rank from Apprentice to Intermediate: 50 hours of playtime.
  • To rank from Intermediate to Advanced: Be certified to teach Beginner English & Western Lessons and teach one Beginner English & Western Lesson + 65 hours of playtime. 
  • To rank from Advanced to Expert: 4 days of playtime, be certified in Show Jumping and Western.
  • To rank from Expert to Prodigy: 8 days of playtime, be certified in Archery and Racing.
  • To rank from Prodigy to Professional: 14 days of playtime, be certified in Cross Country.
  • To rank from Professional to Master: 16 days of playtime, be certified in Hunters and Equitation.
  • To rank from Master to Olympian: 19 days of playtime, be certified in Dressage and Eventing.

After Olympian, it becomes a staff members decision when you rank based off of those various factors<<<















We also have Trouper for ex-staff members who were Moderator for 6 months+

and Veteran for ex-staff members who were staff for a year+!

Both of these ranks have the same perks as Mythical + some extra for their previous staff work!