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In-Game Businesses:

Rescue: Nadine

Police Force: Sara + Cait

Lease Barn: Nikki + Lucy

Wild Rescue: Cait

Mall: Alexa + Kai

Feedshop: Nadi + Nadine

Tailory: Puppers + Eliza

Beginner Barn: Cait

CSGI: Nadine + Tanya

Pharmacy: Nadi

Vet: Nadi + Nadine

Saddlery: Nadine

Shop Legal: Cait + Eliza

Photography: Lucy + Sam + Sofie

Equine Estates: Katie

Stock Store: Alexa

Rosette Shop: Addi + Quinn

Marine Shop: Addi + Alexa

Instructor Training Grounds: Sara

Skull Shop: Sara + Tanya

Silent Auction: Katie

RNJOBS: Nadi + Most of the staff team