Current staff:

*As of February 2021*


Charl - GMT


Katie - EST


Puppers - EST
Julie - GMT
Head Moderators:Ems - GMT

Moose - CST

Angel - PST
Sewwa - AEST
Megs - GMT
Rey - EST

Artsy - EST

Taylor - EST

Aly - EST
Lily - GMT
Ava - GMT
Cookie - GMT
Fred - GMT

Senna - CET

Staff Roles:

Helpers: Simply put, helpers help players! They take requests, questions, handle situations, host fun games/shows and can help manage businesses.

Moderators: Mods do all of the above as well as take donation store payments, help set up regions and fully manage server businesses or disciplines.

Head Moderators: HeadMods can do all of the above, however they mainly help manage the staff team, handle more complicated situations and help run server events.

Administrators: Administrators manage the staff team and the server, they make sure everything is running smoothly. They can often host large server events.

Developer: Developers manage the servers control panel. They add/fix/update plugins to keep the server running smoothly and the players happy.

Owner/Co-Owner: The owner owns the server & the Co-Owner manages the server.

Staff Applications:

Staff applications open every so often when the team is in need of help, whether that be a new Helper, Builder or Instructor.

Rank requirements to apply:

Helper: Expert+

Builder: Intermediate+

Instructor: Advanced+

Applications are on our server Discord (see HOME page for more info)

: Kessy