Staff Rules:

If you are thinking of applying for Helper on Equestrifun, you MUST be able to comply with the following rules:

~Staff members, may~

Ban, IP-ban, kick, mute, or otherwise punish or remove rights from any player who has been caught breaking Equestrifun's discord or online rules. Additionally, any staff member is rightfully allowed to use their own discretion to apply punishment(s) that they deem appropriate to any player which is not abiding by the rules.

Inspect any location, build, chest, inventory for any amount of time with justification. They may also question or follow a player suspected of breaking server rules.

~Staff members, may NOT~

Abuse their position on the staff team for their own benefit or for the benefit of a friend who is not a member of the staff team.

Discriminate any player based on their in-game rank, knowledge, friendships, relationships, age, race, sexual orientation, or language.

Disclose personal or private information about any player OR another member of the staff team including, but not limited to, IP address, real name, location, bans/staff reserved information, as well as other non-public information.

Written by: Jackson