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Each month, we pick the top voters to recieve a prize for showing us their support by voting! for Equestrifun! The top 3 voters will be announced on Discord and then their names will be added below.

To be in with a chance of winning, you must send a screenshot of your vote to a Helper/Moderator via Discord & at the end of the month the votes will be tallied up to give us our winners!

You may vote using these various links to reveiev points in game, which can then be exchanged for money!

Top July Voters:

1st: Rendaisii - 112 votes

2nd: alyssalevasseur - 110 votes

3rd: nabaci - 88 votes

4th: Sewwa - 83 votes


1st: 200k + pair of gapples

2nd: 100k 

3rd: 50k

4th: 30k

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